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Death Studies

The Association for the Study of Death and Society


World War One

The Berryman Family Letters

Chesterfield Western Front Association


AnneLaure Gheerbrant, Archives Centrale, Centre Hospitalier Philippe Pinel.

World War Two

Record of service for James Gilmore - Royal Air Force, HQ Air Command, Sleaford, NG34 8HB


The National Archives, digitised records, AIR 27 record series


(Full service records remain protected by the MOD)


Royal Airforce Museum, Hendon, London


The Imperial War Museum, London


The Gilmores


Anthony Dolphin (Carol's nephew):Transcending The Earthbound Tyranny Of Words (In Pictures): 

Santa Sprees:


Graham Dolphin (Carol's nephew):

The Mannings



Topsham Museum



The Royal Russell School (formerly The Warehousemen, Clerks and Drapers' School) 


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